Fashion Week LA: Gypsy05’s Gorgeous Collection

Gypsy 05 – Gorgeous Collection and an amazing show!

I had the opportunity to attend The Gypsy05 show at the Vibiana in Downtown LA.  Upon entering, I headed into the courtyard where the cocktail hour was planned.  People were dressed to the tens: wearing Gypsy05’s own line, heaps of black, boots, and I saw more people wearing glasses than at the library. The crowd was uber trendy and super friendly. Everyone seemed to be mingling with one another, even the A-List celebs.

             When we walked into the show, the first thing I noticed was the elaborate set up.  The Vibiana is a grand venue- high cathedral style ceilings, all white interiors- very “old Hollywood”. Once everyone was seated (which took a little while to organize), the show was ready to commence. From the moment the music started, I could immediately predict the theme of the show- ethnic was my first thought and I was absolutely right. The first model walked out in a long Gypsy05 dress that kept getting longer and longer… another model actually sat down at the entrance of the runway and held it as she walked further and further down the catwalk. Surprisingly, more models joined them and they preformed a dramatic dance sequence, even receiving a standing ovation at the end.

            After the dancers went backstage, the real show began.  Models were clad in long, flowy dresses, typical of the free spirited Gypsy05 style, yet, materials were much more high end than past collections. It seemed as if linen and silk were the go-to materials for men. The comfortable yet elegant dresses were dressed up with gold chains, high heels and glamorous bracelets.  A major theme seemed to be the “ombre” trend; most of the dresses on the runway started dark and ended light- so stunning. Many dresses were also A-Line which I believe was a nice twist on many of Gypsy’s simple Maxi dresses that we’ve been seeing for years. As an avid lover of the line, I was elated when I saw the women’s pants (note to self: purchase immediately).  These pants were gorgeous- lots of movement, beautiful colors, suitable for night or day, and they looked beyond comfortable.

            Who knew Gypsy05 had a men’s line? I didn’t! The line looked comfortable, yet trendy, and had an apparent Navajo theme. I observed lots of green, purple and royal blue cut off sweat shorts, along with loose, printed t-shirts. Men were also clad in masculine fringed scarves and simple tennis shoes.

            Overall, I believe the reaction from the crowd was positive. All in all, the event layout was beautiful. I heard positive reactions from the crowd about the clothing and about how different this collection was than past collections. The music, the way that the set up tied in with the clothing, and the hair and makeup worked extremely well with each other. Upon leaving, the first thing my girlfriend and I said to each other was, “Let’s book a flight to Miami- just so we could wear these dresses”.  I see Gypsy05’s Fall Collection selling very well.

Style FAshion Week - Gypsy 05

Style FAshion Week - Gypsy 05

Style FAshion Week - Gypsy 05

Style FAshion Week - Gypsy 05

Style FAshion Week - Gypsy 05

Style FAshion Week - Gypsy 05

Style Fashion Week - Gypsy 05

Style Fashion Week - Gypsy 05


 Photography by Kai He – © 2011 The Los Angeles Fashion

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