LAFW – Project Ethos: Glaudi’s Glamorous Collection

Up and coming designer, Johana Hernandez presented her Glaudi collection at the Project Ethos LA Fashion Week show at the House of Blues in Hollywood.  Project Ethos was a fabulous show- I rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in the industry and all of us were there for the same reason-to support a new breed of LA designers. The music, art direction and overall vibe of the show was unique from any I’ve seen, and I truly believe that after seeing Hernandez’s collection, she’ll absolutely become a household name. She was the only hispanic designer that showed a collection at this event, highlighting why so many Latino celebrities joined her in support of her new line.

Glaudi is known for being an avant-garde and highly detailed line that has received praise from numerous Latina celebrities such as Susie Castillo, Fernanda Romero, and Anahi. Celebs have worn the collection on the red carpet, on TV, in movies, and at photo shoots.  The line, which can be interpreted as both elegant and sexy is perfect for a night out on the town or for a star studded award show.

Glaudi’s fall collection was beyond glamorous.  Each dress had its own personality and those personalities were anything but tame. To start, Hernandez showcased her love for black with corseted tops, ruffles and once again, what I predict to be a huge trend for fall, the A-Line skirt. Some of her corsets were covered in crystals with short feathered skirts attached- absolutely stunning to say the least.  She also seemed to lean towards Lady Gaga inspired looks with models clad in one shouldered, structured tight dresses in emerald green, gold with glitter, and lots of fringe and tassles. One model even came out in mirrored glasses (if that doesn’t say Gaga, i don’t know what does).  Many of Glaudi’s dresses were simple in color, but with revealing cut out’s, the collection was anything but simple. For the finale, a model walked out in a purple sequined leotard with a flowing mermaid style skirt attached. It was open in the front and in the back, showing just the right amount of leg.

In the end, Hernandez walked out with a huge smile on her face and electrifying energy to thank her fans. She looked radiant in one of her own creations- a royal blue sparkled top paired with a unique fringed skirt. Kudos to her- I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of Glaudi in the near future.

GLAUDI Collection by Johana Hernandez


GLAUDI Collection by Johana Hernandez


GLAUDI Collection by Johana Hernandez


GLAUDI Collection by Johana Hernandez


GLAUDI Collection by Johana Hernandez -


GLAUDI - LAFW - 2011


 Photography by Kai He – © 2011 The Los Angeles Fashion

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