Beach Bunny 2012 Summer

As a fan and owner of numerous Beach Bunny swimsuits, I was more than excited to attend their runway show at the St Regis Resort at Monarch Beach.  With the event in sunny Southern California, these sunny and bright swimsuits fit right in with the vibe and energy of California locals. Designer Angela Chittenden’s collection merges fashion and swimwear, creating a line that is sexy, fun, and playful.  Chittenden explains that she wanted to create a line that “would let women show off their bodies, feel sexy and confident, glamorous, flirty and fun all at the same time.” With unique fabrics, embellishments, and hardware, these suits are truly unique and something unlike anything else. Finding inspiration from places she visits and the people around her, Angela bases her designs on her favorite things in life.

With a collection of two pieces that were beyond sexy, I was awestruck with the colors, patters, and styles of these unique suits. A red two-piece with a chain link bikini bottom was stunning, especially when covered with the gorgeous cover-up’s. A little more exciting than the typical beach-wear, these were sexy and came in two separate styles.  Accented with beautiful jewelry, the suit was stylish and ideal for a tropical vacation! I absolutely loved a ‘50s inspired seashell inspired top that was paired with a sit bikini bottom with turquoise stones.  A simple suit was next- accented with wooden rings and tied on each side, it was simple with just enough detail to give it some additional style.  With colorful patterns and gorgeous chain link detailing, the next was pretty, but my favorite was the dark pink two-piece that followed- smaller than the rest of the suits, it was simple except for the belt-style sides.






Beach Bunny Fashion Show


Beach Bunny Fashion Show


Beach Bunny Fashion Show

Overall, the Beach Bunny show was full of energy, beautiful models, and flawless makeup and hair. I can’t wait to pick up another suit to add to my collection!


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