CC In The SKYE With Diamonds … & SPIKES!

Malibu is a picturesque, beachfront city in Los Angeles County. Situated on a prime strip of the Pacific coastline, Malibu is not only home to sandy beaches, charming eateries, and sprawling residences, it is now home to the beautiful offices of, jewelry powerhouse, CC SKYE.

CC Skye’s designing days started years ago, far far away from Los Angeles. During a six-month study abroad in Kathmandu Nepal, CC lived with a Shaman in the hills of the Himalayas while filming a documentary on Hindu & Buddhist worship.  Having always had a passion for design, CC sought out the help of local seamstresses and began to bring the fashion of the big city to life in the far East. CC also added a touch of glamour to her designs by including metal work and gems in her pieces. CC explains, “Getting out of the consumerist mentality of the West really helped me to slow down and make something rather than just go out and buy it. It was the first time I had ever used my hands for anything.” After her enlightening time in Nepal, CC returned to Los Angeles and began researching fashion trends and trend forecasting. She also found work as an Associate Producer of music documentaries at MTV Networks and profiled fashion designers for fashion documentaries on the Style Network of E!, Entertainment Television. Although she enjoyed working as a producer, during a hiatus, CC took a fateful trip to the jewelry district of downtown Los Angeles. During her trip, CC met a local jewelry craftsman who taught her the trade – and the rest, as they say, is HISTORY!

CC Skye

CC Skye launched her namesake jewelry line in 2002 and has been unstoppable every since! In fact, her line was so well-received, she was nominated for “Best New Accessory Designer” by New York’s famed GEN ART (2002), an organization known for supporting emerging talent in fashion, music, film and art. CC’s fashion-forward style and eye for jewelry trends that can take a wardrobe from daytime sophistication to sexy evening wear, have made her the breakthrough designer she is today. After the success of her debut collection, CC Skye became the quintessential designer of  “glam-rock” accessories – the highlight of every outfit.

CC Skye

CC Skye

CC Skye

CC Skye

Following CC Skye’s great accomplishments with her jewelry line, she began producing handbags and launched her first handbag collection in 2008. Needless to say, the celebrity following she made with the amazing gold chain and leather wrap bracelet in 2007, continued to blossom. The handbags featured, boast fine Italian leather as well as the same intricate gold hardware crafted into her jewelry pieces. Within just a few months, CC’s handbag line received rave reviews! It has been praised by retailers worldwide, could be seen on the arms of celebrities such as, Halle Berry  and Nicole Richie, and has been featured in countless publications such as ELLE and InStyle.

CC Skye

CC Skye

CC Skye’s love of seeing something come from nothing through the transformation process, paired with the opulence of her luxe, rock n’ roll style is exactly why her following includes style mavens like, Gwen Stefani and Olivia Palermo. Her latest collections highlight  today’s “it” looks, come in fantastic shades to add that perfect pop of color to every outfit, and include everything from brilliant cuffs (my fave!) to “Wildchild” name plate necklaces (another fave!).

 So, what can we look forward to from the designer WWD calls “consistently ahead of the trends”?  Chances are, there may very well be CC Skye sunglasses and shoes in our near future. After all, as CC says,

“Everything in fashion is timing and I will know when the time is right!”

To get your hands on your own gorgeous, CC Skye, piece (or a few!), checkout :

If you’re  in the area, visit their Malibu, penthouse office on Friday, June, 21 – Saturday, June 22, for their SUMMER SAMPLE SALE!

See Full Details Here :



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