Style File: Kate Moss

The 38-year-old model who emerged onto the scene in the early 90’s ushering in the memorable heroin chic movement, manages to stay relevant on and off the runway and  is still at the top of my best-dressed list.

From her iconic fur jackets to her cut-off shorts and knee-high wellies, Kate Moss has been a sartorial vanguard since she first stepped into the spotlight. Never one to follow trends, Moss creates them. High-waisted ’70s-style jeans in a sea of skinnies, leopard-print coats, just to name a few, all became instant must-haves after Moss was photographed in them.

Her ability to make getting dressed appear absolutely effortless and never contrived is what makes her rocker chic day outfits the real deal. Her messy hair, skinny jeans and ubiquitous black blazer scream English rock. While her red carpet looks are always amazing and never what’s expected. She isn’t afraid to take risks and that what makes the queen of cool’s style so coveted.


Style File: Kate Moss


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