Paris Menswear Spring Summer 2013 – Day 3 and 4

The third day of this Menswear fashion week started in a sporty way with the presentation of the football inspired Gustavo Lins collection, presented in the court of the Hotel de Sauroy. Sports codes were revisited by the Brazilian designer who mixed sports and urban wear in a quite balanced way.

We then headed to the Juun J. show in the Mineralogy Gallery, a perfect place to add impressiveness to a collection which happened to be the incredible discovery of the day: we all stayed “bouche bee”, as french people would say; absolutely astonished by the amazing work of the Korean designer. The most impressive pieces of this collection inspired by the 1948 Japanese movie “Drunken Angels” were undoubtedly the 3D white pieced with neon orange touches: all the techniques of the 21th century combined with many decades of fashion history.

Kris Van Assche chose the emblematic Garage de Turenne to present his 20’s inspired collection. The designer of Dior Homme chose to present young men, most of them dressed in short linen pants and light shirts in tones of navy and electric blue, black, white and grey.

Kris Van Assche

The fourth day of this fashion week was a big day, one of those day who look forward to because you know you are going to see one of the most prestigious collections of a season and get to enter the designers’ worlds. Bill Tornade started the day with his fantastic prints (sunset on a desert beach, NYC at night and vintage floral prints). The sleek and chic style makes it possible to wear these outfits as daywear and nightwear: 100% handy.

We all then headed to the Hotel Salomon de Rotschild for the Maison Martin Margiela show for which funky music and the atmosphere around it was the starting point of the collection. White light cotton formed the integrality of the first half of the collection, before the designer took a more creative path with see-through shirts and a trench coat made of vintage kaki badges.

The afternoon begun with Wooyoungmi and a very sensitive collection in which a modern pied-de-poule print was designed, followed by the Smalto presentation: all the savoir-faire and handicraft Italian techniques gathered in one same collection in which every piece took hours to be perfectly designed and tailored.

And then it was Hermes time. Let’s just say we would all have wanted it to last hours and hours. Beautiful is one thing, but when you get to the point of shivering each time an outfit is presented (and there were 50 of them!), you have no choice but to call it was it is: excellence. In the garden of a monastery the luxury brand presented a collection which mixed classy sportswear and classic pieces, all of which made of either natural or new and innovative fabrics, in tones of lime, Prussian and cobalt blue as well as stone.


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