The House That Versace Built

Paris France, A/W 13′

Last night Versace, kicked off Paris Couture Week with a stunning collection. Beautifully constructed and designed with the Atelier’s signature touches and elaborate silhouettes have definitely set the standard for what is yet to come this week.

The collection this season is inspired by the beautiful and powerful imagery that is found on many tarot cards around the world. The symbols of the sun, moon, and world are present on several of the fabrics used. In addition Roman numerals meant to give meaning to certain tarot cards are also found decorating some of the fabrics. Silk screened, embroidered and appliquéd onto each garment are several variations and interpretations of tarot cards seen through the eyes of Pablo Picasso, providing an abstract look and feel to the entire collection.

Airy and lightweight fabrics were cut, sewn and layered over one another to enhance the intricate and detailed collection that Donatella Versace, envisioned. Layers of silk are used in accompany with pieces of transparent plastic, which have then been sliced into very thin strips and used to construct different patterns of the body. Beautiful rose gold buckles enhanced the looks and were also used as anchors to hold the fabrics together.



The stars, the lovers and Good Fortune all interpretations of tarot cards also appeared in the collection, metal studs, hand-cut pieces of plastic, and three-dimensional embroideries added to each look for a chic finish. Geometric cut-outs and strapless gowns were abundant on the runway. As were the many hand-sewn touches, including hand-cut leather pieces, small hexagonal patterned pieces and lacing made from silk chiffon. Crystal mesh and pearls accented the garments. Not a stone was out of place and in true Versace, fashion each garment looked as breathtakingly impeccable as the women who wore them.


Long silk hemlines swept the runway, as raised ones kissed the knees of the models that ambled down the catwalk. Turquoise, pale greens, fuchsia, and cannery-yellow provided a bold color palette. The vibrant color choices, and delicate fabrics added to the intricate silhouettes. The collection was nothing short of brilliant. Further proving that the house that Versace built is standing strong and is still very much a fashion-force to be reckoned with.


Dana Elizabeth is the founder and editor of in addition to managing the Men’s Section of The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine. For feature inquiries, email:

©2012 The LA Fashion magazine
Image courtesy of Atelier Versace




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