Elie Saab – Paris Couture Week July 2012

Designer Elie Saab was born in 1964 in Lebanon. His interest in fashion design started at the young age of nine when he began making clothes for his sisters. After women in his neighborhood began to take notice, the designer started to sell his creations to local women in his neighborhood. At eighteen years old, he opened his own store in Beirut, and presented his collection to women all over the world. Soon later women from high society all over the world wanted to get their hands on a dress by Elie Saab. In 2007, the designer moved from Beirut to the fashion forward city of Paris and opened his flagship boutique. Inspired by Beirut, Saab still maintains a studio there. Working with delicate embroideries, materials, and impeccable quality, the designer creates fairy tale pieces that are dazzling and sophisticated and exemplify beauty in all forms. His attention to detail is impeccable and unlike anything I have seen.

Showcasing his recent collection at Paris Fashion week, his gowns were wonderfully whimsical and perfect in every way. His collection was based around luxurious lace. He showcased this beautiful fabric in every way possible.

With a baby blue, 2 toned long sleeve and boat neck dress that was fit for a princess, the model wore shoes in the same hue with her hair pulled back and minimal makeup. The dress was belted which added a certain element of elegance.

My favorite gown was a back lace dress that was sexy and elegant at the same time. Created with immaculate detailing and a low neckline, the dress was long and translucent, but covered the right areas. The same dress appeared but this time in a beautiful turquoise hue that complimented the models dark skin.


A princess like cream lace gown exemplified everything that a little girl thinks of when she wants to dress like a princess. It was long, exaggerated, and made with beautiful colors and patterns. A golden lace long sleeve dress with a low cut neckline and flowy silhouette was absolutely stunning. It fit the model beautifully and accented her gorgeous features. The detail, lining, and luxurious feel promoted numerous “wow’s” from the crowd.

A light pink piece was next, accessorized with gorgeous beading and crystal detailing and paired with a thin cream-colored belt. The dress was knee length and when paired with strappy heels, it was beyond fabulous.

Elie Saab’s show impressed me more than I thought. Seeing his pieces up close and personal and not only on celebrities and models has made me appreciate the attention to detail on each and every single one of his pieces. This was an amazing show in every way possible.

Image Courtesy of Elie Saab

©2012 The Los Angeles Fashion


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