Phillip Treacy’s hats were the final touch to Didit Hediprasetyo’s fall/winter 2012 Couture Collection

Growing up in a tiny village in Ireland, designer Phillip Treacy explains, “As a small child, I loved to watch the weddings there. They were the equivalent of fashion shows to me. The dresses that people wore, I couldn’t believe them, they were incredible. It seemed so glamorous to see these creatures appear in these extraordinary clothes, as we didn’t have much glamour where I come from.” When he was around five, he began sewing and making hats for his sister’s dolls. Later, when he studied fashion in college, he realized that he enjoyed making hats more than the dresses he designed. He then chose to spend six weeks with Stephen Jones, the London hat designer. In 1991, Treacy began designing hats for Chanel and did so for ten years. While at Chanel, he won his first British Fashion Council award as British Accessory Designer of the Year. Since then, he has won many more, worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, and even designed hats for the royal wedding.

Phillip Treacy’s hats were a final touch to Didit Hediprasetyo’s silhouette for his fall/winter 2012 Couture Collection. My favorite piece was a black velvet and lace hat that looked as if it was tied into a bow.

It was glamorous, luxurious and added an element of beauty to the models simplistic dress. Next, a model wore a hat that was off to one side of her head and twisted up into an intricate design. It was also adorned with beautiful crystals, only adding to the glamour and style of this beautiful piece.

A fantastic hat appeared on the runway that could be considered a piece of art. Beautiful and intricate maroon orchids grazed the side of the model’s head in a way that made her stand out and shine. The placement, detailing, and hues in this piece were flawless and unbelievably gorgeous and with pops of yellow, I was in awe of its beauty.

The same piece showed up following it but this time in white, which looked much more delicate and appropriate for a bride who wanted to do something less traditional than a veil.

Going more into the theme of orchids, a model walked the runway with a headpiece covered in beautiful maroon orchids. Instead of being asymmetrical, this went all around the back of her head, almost like a floral crown.

This show was beautifully thought out and put together. Model’s hair and makeup was sleek and simple except for bright blue contact lenses, which added a bit of edge to these classy hats and beautiful dresses.

Image Courtesy of Alexandre Boulais Communication

Photography by Regis Colin – NOWFASHION

©2012 The Los Angeles Fashion


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