Éclat Swimwear 2012 Collection by Shirin Z.

Beverly Hills based designer Shirin Z. knows a thing or two about the fashion industry. She has been in it for fifteen years designing lingerie, wedding dresses and evening gowns.  With a line of noteworthy clientele of A-list celebrities, including the late Michael Jackson, it has been her purpose to make her clients fashion dreams become a reality. With her private label having been consigned by the likes of Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, international royalty, Klienfeld of New York and Parisa Lingerie, it is no wonder that Shirin’s designs are in high demand. She puts great effort into each piece she creates because she realizes that “a woman’s wardrobe is an intimate reflection of her personality.”  Now, Shirin focuses her efforts on her swimwear line, Éclat Swimwear.

Shirin’s first swimwear line as an individual designer features distinctive elements unlike any other.  The fabrics she chose are bold and full of shimmer lined with beautiful trim. The cutouts on both the bikini’s and one-pieces are intricately placed to show off a woman’s curves. These swimsuits are perfect for a woman who wants to make a statement and fit right in at a Las Vegas pool party.  Some may even call them scandalous.  This collection is incredibly sexy, hence the tag line “Luxury that hugs your body.”  The models were glowing as they walked down the runway for Éclat’s debut at Fashion Splash 2012. With design names such as “Endless- Diva, Dream Girl, and Flirty Retro” it’s no wonder that they stole the spotlight at the poolside fashion show.

The features of each bathing suit also include a full built-in bra giving each woman all day comfort and support.  High quality elastic bands help to avoid the worry of your favorite bikini stretching out before the end of summer.  Sensitive Fabrics ensure high UV protection, not to mention that they dry twice as fast and are ten times more chlorine resistant that other swimwear fabrics.  With excellent uses of color and textures, intricate detail on each piece, this line is sure to showcase a woman’s inner goddess whether she is on the catwalk, by a pool, or at the beach.

For her next collection, Shirin is designing cover-ups in fabrics to match more of her gorgeous swimsuits. They will also be decked out in rhinestones.

For more information on the Éclat swimwear line, and to purchase your favorite design, please visit the website:


 © 2012 The LA Fashion magazine

Photography by Kai He and Scott Naide

For more pictures from the events mentioned and Culture Swimwear please visit our Facebook Fan Page

Shoes provided by: Shiek Shoes


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