Designer Lacey Corkery Makes a Splash

     Maui and Sons is an iconic swimwear brand that has been around for over 30 years. With a headquarters in Malibu, California, which appropriately looks out at the Pacific Ocean, it is a top tier swimwear company.  Already popular among surf shops and sports enthusiasts, Maui and Sons is now expanding the horizon to include the fashion world with designer Lacey Corkery leading the way.  A designer of many talents, Lacey is currently focusing her attention on Maui and Sons’ 2012 Summer collection which was featured at the Fashion Splash runway show in West Hollywood last month.

    At Fashion Splash,  Models walked the catwalk in Lacey’s latest designs featuring neon colors and animal prints. They carried surf and body boards to stay true to the surf culture that the brand was built upon. Maui and Sons sunglasses and T-shirts were thrown out to the excited crowd.  Models wore board shorts, bikini tops, and colorful one-pieces while the male model showed off the retro neon board shorts to whistles and hollers. Obviously the shorts were a popular hit among the ladies in the crowd. The Maui and Sons 2012 collection is definitely bright, fun, and fresh! With a young designer like Lacey, Maui and Sons is taking a fresh new approach to their swimwear line and not missing a beat when it comes to incorporating the hottest trends of the season including: stripes, bright colors, geometric patterns and animal prints.

     The neon trend is nothing new to this seasoned swimwear company, which includes this color palette in its logo that has been with the company since it began some thirty years ago.  The logo also features figures to represent and celebrate elements of mother nature: earth, sea, sky and fire.  Because Maui and Sons embodies fun in the sun, it is not a surprise that this brand is particularly appealing to people who live active and adventurous lifestyles. Another unique part of this company is that they have their own mascot: Sharkman. which is one of the most widely recognizable branded images in the active sports apparel and equipment category worldwide.

          Maui and Sons first got its start in the 1980’s when three young southern California surfers decided to start their own apparel company. Years later, Maui and Sons has grown from being a small clothing manufacturer to a full-scale, international clothing and equipment company.  Their merchandise is sold in over 100 countries and the product range includes everything from both men’s and women’s apparel, footwear, and accessories to sports equipment and even household items.

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 © 2012 The LA Fashion magazine

Photography by Kai He and Scott Naide

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