Agua Bendita – MBFW/ Miami Fashion Week Swimwear

Created in 2003 by designers Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza, Agua Bendita’s designs are exclusive and made with impeccable detail and quality, explaining why they have been shown in some of the most coveted magazines and trade shows in the world. The line is characterized by giving an innovative and modern touch to genuine Columbian garments. Pieces are hand-made and based on traditional Columbian handcrafts that give a vanguard touch. The brand is youthful, cheerful and alive.

At their runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami, the line showcased their 2013 collection and it was wow-worthy. Models wore one piece swimsuits that even had sleeves- I truly had not seen this before. Colors were vibrant and patterns were unique, featuring neon hues, which have been shown all over the runway recently. With beading, embroidery, and exquisite detailing, each suit was better than the next.  My favorite suit by far was a one piece that was open in the mid-section, attaching the top and bottom by various strings and a middle piece. Accessorized with a clear visor and lace shoes, this was show stopping and oh-so-chic.

I also loved a suit that followed closely behind that was cream colored with red detailing…I’m obsessed with ruffles of any kind, and these were ideal! The originality in each of these suits is really something to take notice of. One in particular featured prints of cowboys and horses, creating a western vibe that was fun and unique.

I also loved the sparkle one piece with long sleeves- it looked as if it could be worn to much more than the beach. To add to the charm, some models wore peter-pan collars with their suits that were embellished with beading and shocked with “Army-Inspired” wear that was absolutely adorable.

Expanding to much more than swimsuits, models walked in leggings that were open and beaded, with intricate embroidery at the top. Paired with a tiny bikini top and colorful sneakers, this outfit was absolutely stunning.

Cover-ups were also prevalent in the show. Some sheer, some short and jacket-like, they were designed with many materials- even jean, which made them universal. Many models walked the runway holding bags from the line- these were embroidered and styled with Aztec print, which is huge right now. The prints worked amazingly with the suits and cover-ups, even though they were so different. Drawstring pants also were made to match different pieces and would be an ideal sexy and functional beach piece.

With slicked back hair, basic makeup except for bold lips, and the perfect accessories, the show was an image of perfection. This line is one to watch-the creativity and intricacy that goes into each piece is unbelievable.

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Photography by Scott Naide

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