Red Carter Resort 2013 Swimwear Debutes at Miami Fashion Week

Miami Golden Boy Red Carter debuted his 2013 resort swimwear line this past weekend at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami.  The party started once model’s dressed in Red’s electric designs hit the catwalk. This designer knows how to capture the attention in the room and put it in the form of a bikini. The geometric shapes, tribal patterns, and animal prints all blend in perfectly with this season’s hottest trends.  The sultry Brazilian vibe is also included in this collection with feathered headdresses.  Not to mention the bold statement jewelery and out of this world hair cones that also caught viewers attention

Red Carter originally launched his namesake brand in 2004 just after moving to Miami, Florida.  With no specific look to his collections, Red is allowed to be extremely creative each season, pushing the boundary lines of the swimwear industry.  Infusing the bright lights and glitz of a disco ball into this year’s line shows the kind of design genius that he can put together.  Although he has the mentality of a serious designer, he has the ability to keep a modern “fun in the sun” approach to his swimwear line which very easily reflects in his sexy bikinis.

Originally a California native, an aquatic athlete, and graduate of OTIS/Parson School of Art in Design in Los Angeles, Red Carter knows a thing or two about designing swimwear for sport or for fashion.  His designs tend to incorporate important aspects of swimwear design that others often leave out allowing his line to be functionally superior .  Red has also worked for well-known fashion brands such as: Esprit, Guess Jeans, Rampage, Mossimo, Victoria’s Secret and Oscar de la Renta. Red is currently working on his next line in New York City and partnered with Amerex Group as creative director to bring the world another dose of his talent in fashion.  This acquisition also includes a partnership in New York’s Salon9 Showroom.

Carter also included cover-ups in his 2013 resort collection.  These beautiful pieces flowed down the runway as if the fabric was caught by the ocean breeze.  Each one could easily be worn from day to night, over a swimsuit or individually.

Red Carter’s creations are currently sold online, in stores or via catalogue. His line is not only available in the US, but also across the globe in the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Greece, Aruba, the Bahamas, Lebanon, St. Barths and the US Virgin Islands.

To see more of Red Carter’s fabulous line of swimwear, please visit:

Photography by: Kai He

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