Aqua di Lara’s 2013 Collection at Miami’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Aqua di Lara premiered their 2013 swimwear collection on Saturday evening, July 21st, at Oasis for Miami’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim. Under the creative direction of Reyhan Sofraci, Aqua di Lara specializes in taking inspiration from both lingerie and high fashion to create designer swimwear. The collection uses only high quality European fabrics from their atelier in Montreal to construct their garments. Each suit is sewn using only the latest techniques with the ultimate attention to detail. Designed to enhance the feminine form, the designs are constructed to be worn both in and out of the water and fit like a second skin. Each collection is inspired by Sofraci’s world travels and it has been said she uses materials on the female body like a painter uses paint on canvas. In 2007, Sofraci was even awarded Fashion Designer of the Year by the Institut de Design Montréal for her innovative work.

Aqua showed both their White Label collection and Black Label collection together on the runway. The White Label was comprised of pastel looks, rich colors and detailed prints while the Black Label showcased metallic prints and two black dresses perfectly suitable as evening wear. Opening the show with a dual toned red and gold bikini with a silk like sheen, the lingerie influence was strongly seen in the first few pieces sent down the runway.

As was the trend throughout the week of shows, many of the suits were monokinis, meaning one pieces with cut outs. Tan lines aside, the suits offer a nice alternative to bikinis and Aqua showed some great options in beautiful copper, blue and gold tones. Retro, art deco influences were also seen in the color and shapes of the fabrics, particularly in a red and gold one piece with a bodice like halter top. Other highlights included an animal print halter bikini and a monokini made of a watercolor like multi-colored fabric.

Aqua di Lara is available online and at high-end boutiques and luxury stores throughout North America, Europe and The Middle East.

For more information, visit their website:

To purchase online, visit their online shop:

Photography by Kai He

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