Cia.Maritima’s Collection at Miami Fashion Week 2013

Considered the hottest and most sought after swimwear line in Brazil, Cia.Maritima was launched by Benny Rosset in 1990. The line features embroideries, hand detailing, crystal beading, and intricate lace, making it high end and high quality.

During the show at Miami fashion week 2013, prints were absolutely stunning. Multicolored and blended to look almost like a gorgeous night sky, pieces were anything but ordinary. One pieces were cut on the sides to add an element of sexy, and prints were tropical and unique. With palm trees, mod-prints, and summery hues, this swimwear turned heads. I loved a yellow bikini with a tie and ruffle bottom and tiny triangle top. Leopard print is one of my favorite styles, and with an ultra-small leopard bikini, the model looked fierce and ready for a day by the pool.  On top of the basic triangle and one-piece suits, some were higher waisted and belted on the side which was interesting and different than many suits that were shown at MFW. The same styles were spotted again in tie-dye prints, snakeskin and beautiful bold hues that were stunning and showed off the hottest colors of summer. I especially loved the suits that had added ruffles and the sets that were printed with a detailed floral print.

Cover-ups were another story, because the lines cover-ups were much more than just something to wear over a swimsuit.  To start, a short dress with a long train was literally one of the most beautiful dresses I saw at fashion week. Short in the front with a train in the back, it was multi-colored and even featured a turquoise belt with a sparkling buckle in the middle. Following it was a short and belted long sleeve floral dress that was paired with ankle-strap heels-this would be perfect for a night on the town in Miami. Another cover up was completely open in the front, only connected by a yellow belt that allowed the model to show off her flawless figure, but still be somewhat covered up at the same time. Featuring bold, beautiful hues and a dazzling print, the model wore a pink bikini underneath, color blocking perfectly.

It’s no wonder that some of the most prestigious models in the world love to walk in Rosset’s shows-his collection was absolutely jaw-dropping.


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