L*Space: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week/ Miami Swimwear 2013

Creative director and lead designer of L*Space, Monica Wise, finds inspiration from the Southern California coast and every beach paradise she gets the chance to visit. She is also inspired by the decades of swimwear designers before her, especially from the 1960’s when mod, trendsetting, and timeless pieces started. L*Space is fashion-forward, chic, glam, and surfer girl all in one line. The pieces are well fitting, well made, and the line has even won numerous awards such as the SIMA Swimwear Brand of the Year and Mercedes Benz Designer of the Year, which was awarded to Wise herself.

L-Space bikini collection

L-Space 2013 Collection one piece

L-Space 2013 Collection swimwear white

L-Space 2013 Collection retro red bikini

During the show at Miami Fashion Week 2013, the collection was sexy, glamorous, and fun-all at the same time. Bikinis in different styles, colors, and prints stole the show. I have been a major fan of the brands fringe tops for awhile now, and the colors were exquisite. Paired with mismatched bottoms, the tops were flattering and flowed gracefully when the models walked the runway. I loved how a simple one-piece was turned into something so much more when the sides were cut out to add a whole new element of edge. My favorite suit was a one-piece that was actually made to look more like lingerie. A simple grey hue with darker lining, the cups were outlined to resemble a bra, and it was something else-absolutely stunning. The same style was shown again in a strapless one-piece and a high-waisted bikini . The collection featured pieces in gorgeous colors, ideal for an unforgettable summer look. With pretty pastel yellows and sky blue’s, models looked sweet and stylish. Floral prints were also a theme in the show, whether they were shown in a tiny bikini or more demure style such as a one piece, they were still beautiful and unique. A black one piece that was lined and accented with white lining stole the show and was reminiscent of the 1960’s style Wise has said inspires her.

L-Space 2013 Collection sky blue bikini

L-Space 2013 Collection little black bikini

L-Space 2013 Collection bikini with black bottom and yellow top

L-Space 2013 Collection mesh cover full length

L-Space 2013 Collection 1960s style red one piece

L-Space 2013 Collection silver and black one piece

L-Space 2013 Collection light silver one piece

L-Space 2013 Collection floralone piece red balck white

L-Space 2013 Collection muli color blue bikini

L-Space 2013 Collection teal blue one piece

L*Space’s collection said a lot about the line. Rather than adding embellishments, sparkles, and more of the like, the designs are simple, except for colors and prints, which showcases the style and beauty in each piece. Each piece was flattering, easy to wear, and could be worn on a tropical vacation or at a pool party- they really are fun and functional. With models in gorgeous sky-high gold heels, gold jewelry, and feather earrings, the suits were the focal point. Models rocked gorgeous glows, beachy hair, and simple makeup, which only added to the sole fact that these suits could be worn by anyone from the average woman to a runway model.

L-Space 2013 Collection dark blue one piece

L-Space 2013 Collection white full length for the beach

L-Space 2013 Collection see through cover and bikini

L-Space 2013 Collection bilini and red cover

L-Space 2013 Collection dark aqua bikini

L-Space 2013 Collection  little sexy black cover for bikini

 For more pictures from the Mercedes Bend Miami Fashion Week please see our Facebook page

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