A.Z. Araujo Runway 2013 Swimwear debutes at Miami’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

Brazilian designer A.Z. Aruajo’s collection of swimwear for summer 2013 debuted this past weekend at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in sunny Miami, Florida.  Aruajo’s designs are the epitimy of stylish swimwear with elements incorporated from his home country, Brazil.  His swimsuits include both a women’s and men’s line with luxury and ready-to-wear bathing suits in the collection.  The fabrics included fruit and floral motifs.  The bright  and cheery colors remind one of sunsets and tropical rainforests.  A lemon covered swimwuit was also featured in a variety of half shoulder styles.  Another had intricately placed zig zag cut-outs, sure to leave an interesting tan line of body art.  Feminine high-waisted shorts in a matching fabric as the swimsuits were also included in the runway show.  Perfect for wearing to and from the beach.

Araujo, the talented designer behind all of these fabulous pieces,  was born and raised in Brazil. His inspiration to design started when he was a young boy, watching his aunt make clothes.  His first job involving fashion began after he had been working as an actor on a soap opera television show. Upon befriending the wardrobe stylist, he eventually became an assistant to a well-known costume designer in Rio, Hilda Marinho.  Here he learned how to work with fabric and the art of detailing.

Ten years later, Araujo headed to New York City to continue his acting career. But his passion for designing and working in fashion was not left behind.  In 2008, he decided to create his own fashion line and his namesake brand, A.Z. Araujo, was launched.  The collection first debuted last year at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami.  The event even featured celebrities from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and Miami. Araujo’s designs have also been worn by Miss Universe 2009 and 2010 winners.

The men’s swimwear line included not only board shorts and swim trunks, but also cropped and full length pants as well.  The shorts came in two varieties; one with a longer hemline and another slightly shorter, more European looking swim trunk.  Bright, tropical patterns were also used for the these pieces adding a bit of flare to the male physic.

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Photography courtesy of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week

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