About THE LA FASHION Magazine

This is a Mirror Site of “The Los Angeles Fashion” magazine site

The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine was brought to life to extensively cover the greater Los Angeles area fashion scene. Los Angeles is home to many talented designers, a large fashion industry and let’s not forget about the diehard fashionistas that all deserve a high quality publication and promotional vehicle that strictly keeps a sharp focus on the subject matter. The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine is set to go to print publication sometime in late spring 2012 as an exclusive high gloss limited number publication. The print publication will strictly focus on fashion and Southern California lifestyle.

The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine is the brainchild of Csaba Fikker, a local fashion photographer, who has an extensive, decade long background as a senior dot-com executive. He is co-founder of several successful online companies such as ON24 (once a leading financial news leader in the world market), NetMovies (a Napster sister company) and many others. Csaba Fikker has also spent time as a consulting manager at KPMG Consulting, building the foundation of the consulting firm’s online streaming media practice. His decade long experience in online media and his communications background is the foundation of this new publication.

We are not  just striving for better quality of coverage, but in building an online brand where customers can develop a more intimate relationship with the local brands they follow and are ready to buy. From the early stages of this online publication, The Los Angeles Fashion has built in a scalable online social media connectivity, thus ensuring maximum output of all media and interaction.


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