Csaba Fikker

Owner and Founder of The Los Angeles Fashion magazine.

Csaba Fikker has created The Los Angeles Fashion magazine in hopes of bringing life to the local fashion scene in Los Angeles. He comes with a long history of success a founding and co founding several online media companies and he also spent over a decade at various companies as a senior executive. He was one of the original co founders of ON24 once a world wide leader of online one demand financial  news outlet. He served as a Senior VP of Production at NetMovies – a Napster Sister company that later was bout by Blockbuster.

Csaba Fikker’s last corporate position was at KPMG Consulting where he was in charge of building the consulting firm’s Streaming media Practice. Since than he has left the corporate world in the pursuit of his dearest hobby Fashion Photography where he spent close ot decade as a successful freelance visual artist.

After sitting on his idea of creating a fashion publication in an already saturated market for over 5 years the time and elements of creating a successful business model  are just perfect again thus the final result of this online publication that is set to go to print in late Spring 2012.


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